Graduation Requirements

Like a traditional Minnesota public school, iQ Academy requires students to fulfill graduation requirements before earning a diploma. Students must earn 42 credits and pass the required state high school writing, reading, and math tests in order to graduate. Our counselor will work with you to ensure that you receive appropriate credit for previously completed high school coursework and set up a plan to graduate on time.

Listed below are the credits required by Independent School District 544 for a student to graduate from iQ Academy Minnesota. Upon graduation, students will receive a diploma from Fergus Falls Public High School.

Credit Requirements for Graduation
Subject Minimum Credits for Graduation
English 8 credits


(Must be Algebra 1 or equivalent and beyond)

6 credits


  • Physical Science (2 credits)
  • Biology (2 credits)
  • Chemistry or Physics (2 credits)
6 credits

Social Studies

  • Geography (2 credits)
  • US History (2 credits)
  • World History (2 credits)
  • Economics (1 credit)
  • Government (1 credit)
8 credits

Life Skills (1 credit)

Career Planning (1 credit)

2 credits
Health/Physical Education 3 credits
Fine Arts 2 credits
Technology 1 credit
Electives 6 credits
Total Credits Required for Graduation: 42 credits

*1 Semester = 1.0 Credit