Part-Time Online Supplemental Courses

Through the Statewide Online Supplemental Program, individual, tuition-free online courses are available to any student in grades 6 thru 12, statewide, who is currently attending a public school within his or her resident district. Up to 50% of courses may be taken through the Online Supplemental Program. There is no waitlist for individual enrollment. These courses will be chosen from the K12 catalog offered through iQ Academy Minnesota.

iQ Academy Minnesota offers courses from the K12 featuring:

  • An individualized, flexible approach to learning that can help alleviate academic and social pressures and also support self-discipline
  • Instruction by passionate, state-licensed teachers, all with deep expertise in their subject and online learning methods
  • Courses for grades 6-12 in all core subjects: English, math, science, and history
  • World languages: Up to two years of Spanish, French, and German
  • Nearly 40 electives: Journalism, Web Design, Sociology, Music Appreciation, and more

Ready to enroll for online supplemental courses?

Step 1: Contact your school counselor to discuss online supplemental options

Step 2: Review the course offerings listed below and select up to four online courses.

Step 3: Contact our school office at 218-998-0544 ext. 9214 to begin the enrollment process (for supplemental course only).

For full time enrollment follow click here.

Online Supplemental Courses Offered Through iQMN