Enrollment and Attendance FAQs

Our family travels quite a bit. Would that be a problem in the iQ Academy program?

As long as Internet access is available, students can log into iQ Academy and get to their courses anywhere, anytime. For trips during which Internet access may not be available, students can print their assignments ahead of time or pack their offline materials, and work from those in order to keep up with their work. Students should notify their teachers by e-mail if they will be unable to access the Internet for a period of time due to travel, illness, or other unavoidable issues. Regular login to iQ Academy constitutes "attendance," and students are required to be in attendance while enrolled.

Once we start the school year, can we still change our minds and go back to our home district?

Although we work very hard to make iQ Academy a positive experience for all students, if you feel this is not the best choice for your child, you always have the ability to return to your local school or regular homeschooling. We recommend that you complete a full year or at least a semester to be sure any challenges you perceive are not just related to adjusting to this new way to learn, and to make sure you get the full benefit of transferring credit received from iQ Academy.