A Flipped Classroom Model: How It Works

The Flipped Classroom

iQ Academy Minnesota sets itself apart from other online programs by using the Flipped Classroom Model, a blended learning approach that allows students to have more hands-on time with their instructor.

In our Flipped Classroom Model, students first work through a topic of study themselves in their online lessons and then attend live, synchronous, online "work together"sessions hosted by their teacher.

Work Together Sessions

In work together sessions, the teacher provides a subject overview and facilitates deeper exploration of the topic through student discussion rather than by a traditional lecture. This approach maximizes the group's time and allows for further study through additional learning activities, during which the teacher can assist each child, one at a time.

Extra Student Support

For students who are reluctant to share or ask questions in a group setting, or for those who are struggling with concepts and need extra instruction, teachers also host online office hours where they provide one-to-one support.

Student Success

Through the Flipped Classroom Model, our students develop critical skills for independent learning and experience better knowledge retention and cognitive understanding. They also enjoy stronger engagement with learning materials, resulting in improved attendance and work completion. These factors greatly contribute to our students' overall success.