How It Works (6-12)

Individualized, 21st-Century Learning

Whether your student plans to go to college or start a career, iQ Academy Minnesota provides an individualized approach to learning, award-winning curriculum, instruction from licensed teachers, and a 21st-century learning environment to prepare for a bright future.

The Middle/High School Program

iQ Academy's middle/high school program, which is powered by K12, includes:

  • A diploma and transcript for qualified graduates that is recognized by colleges and employers worldwide
  • An Individualized Learning Plan that addresses each student's needs and goals
  • A diverse high school catalog with more than 150 courses that includes core subjects: math, language arts, science, and history
  • A wide range of course levels, including Core, Comprehensive, and college-level
  • Opportunities to explore career paths through more than 20 elective courses.
  • College and career workshops, exploration, and support
  • Teachers, advisors, counselors, coordinators, and other educational personnel who offer instruction, guidance, and support to students and families
  • Support from the Learning Coach, who monitors student participation and progress
  • Extracurricular online clubs and activities, plus in-person events

Benefits of Online Learning

At iQ Academy, using the latest online technology allows students to learn in personalized ways that work for them, including:

  • Learning on their own schedule: Students can log in and do coursework at any time of day, any day of the week. With the help of Pacing Charts, it's easy to stay on schedule.
  • Interacting personally with teachers: Through one-to-one communication with teachers, students never get "lost in the crowd" or feel awkward about asking questions in front of large groups.
  • Establishing effective study habits: Students learn how to manage their time and schedule more independently, but there's always help available if needed.
  • Researching and submitting assignments: Students can access a variety of online resources for research, and then submit assignments electronically.
  • Receiving teacher feedback: Teachers provide feedback to students within 72 hours of receiving a completed assignment.

Learning in the Middle/High School

iQ Academy's teachers conduct online group instruction through ClassConnect sessions. Students do coursework where they have access to:

  • Password-protected course material
  • Flexible navigation that makes it quick and easy to move from course to course
  • Tools to submit assignments, view corrected assignments, check grades, and communicate with classmates and teachers

Learning Coach Daily Support

In middle and high school, students are held more accountable for their daily progress and time management. While your student can complete coursework on his or her own time, classes need to move at a consistent pace.

While no longer expected to facilitate your student's academic progress, as the Learning Coach you still play an important supportive role by helping your student stay on task and ensure follow-through on his or her assignments. For grades 6-12, the Learning Coach commitment is approximately 1 to 2 hours a day.